Mexcian Eats: Loved it, hated it, wanna try it

Let’s talk tacos.  And burritos.  And queso.  And…well, everything amazing.  There is something so celebratory about sitting down to a wonderful Mexican feast.  The chips are usually warm, the music is jamming, everybody is relaxing and having a good time. Everything about Mexcian cuisine speaks to family and life.  It is happy food and I love it.

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to give a quick run-down of some Mexican places that we have tried and either loved, hated or want to try them out some time.  Is your favorite place not on here?  Give us a holler!

Loved it: Cancun Fiesta Fresh, Habaneros, Maya’s **closed now**, Chipotle (a nation-wide chain gets it right)

Hated it: Maggie’s Authentic Mexican, Dos de Oros, Panchos, Salty Iguana, Taco Bueno, On the Boarder

Wanna try it: Mestizo, Jose Pepper’s, La Bodega…what else can you all recommend?


About Michelle

Michelle and Kyle have lived in Kansas City since 2007, with their four beautiful children. Kyle is a CPA and runs his own firm in Lee's Summit. Michelle is a violinist and music teacher at Summit Christian Academy. When not working, the Nagys can be found eating out or binge watching Netflix.

2 responses to “Mexcian Eats: Loved it, hated it, wanna try it

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