Oklahoma Joe’s

Winner of numerous awards, featured on The Travel Channel, a local favorite and always crowded, Oklahoma Joe’s is the place to go when your inner carnivore is demanding to be fed.

Feed Me.

Taste: 9

Presentation: 5

Originality: 5

Service: 5

Appearance: 5

Value: 8

Restrooms: 5

Still Hungry. 

Taste: Delicious mouth-watering sandwiches (may we recommend the beef brisket?) and the onion rings are addictive.  And you know this place is good when it was the only spot that I could go and “finally feel full” during pregnancy.  Oh, and their sauce is off the chain, finger-lickin’ tasty.

Presentation: They keep things a little rough here (no snobs allowed) by piling all the food in a small basket.  The entire experience feels kinda claustrophobic so if you don’t like tight spaces, we recommend carry-out.

Originality: BBQ joints are a dime a dozen in the Kansas City Area.

Service: Again, I have found the service to be a little rough as well.  They are usually so busy that you have to wait in line for at least 20 minutes until you are able to order from the difficult-to-read menu.  It seems that they just want to get through all of the customers so they aren’t too concerned with being overly friendly in the process.

Appearance:  They jam all these small tables in their restaurant so again, just get take-out if you don’t like being jammed into a small space like a sardine.  I will say though, that it’s a great place to bring kids because if my toddlers get a little loud, nobody minds.

Value: A sandwich, side and drink can easily add up to $15 but for BBQ, it’s not a bad price point.

Restrooms: Pretty average, but always clean.

So what are your thoughts on Oklahoma Joe’s?  Tired of all the hype?  Or the best thing since sliced-bread?

Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue (Olathe) on Urbanspoon


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Michelle and Kyle have lived in Kansas City since 2007, with their four beautiful children. Kyle is a CPA and runs his own firm in Lee's Summit. Michelle is a violinist and music teacher at Summit Christian Academy. When not working, the Nagys can be found eating out or binge watching Netflix.

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