Weekend Edition- Hell’s Kitchen

We’re going to take some time on the weekends to break from the norm and look at a different side of the food industry- the media side. Anything is game, whether it be movies, T.V. shows, magazines, cookbooks or maybe even a fabulous recipe. Do you have a favorite food show? Favorite celebrity chef? Let us know!

Kyle and I have loved diving into Hell’s Kitchen. It is a reality T.V. show where Gordon Ramsay take a dozen or so chefs, all with a wide variety of backgrounds, and trains them up to compete agains each other for the grand prize which is typically executive chef at one of his hot restaurants. And boy, does Ramsay know how to put the pressure on! These contestants have to cook a full dinner service, compete in challenges against each other and often have to do a lot of the “dirty work” of the kitchen like shining the silverware or cleaning toilets. The stuff these folks go through is impressive and totally inspiring for Kyle and me. We love Chef Ramsay’s commitment to mentoring these up and coming chefs into something great. He often takes them to the breaking point through his harsh criticism and high standards, but we see how he does it to see what they are made of and if they really want to work their tails off- or not.

We also love watching all of the great food that they prepare and even though you probably won’t even see me whipping up seared scallops, beef wellington or risotto, I find the entire fine dining industry fascinating. They value the beauty of food and are passionate about serving up something spectacular. And they really, really work to the bone. Watching Hell’s Kitchen has also given us a whole new level of respect for those in the serving business and all that they have to manage. But we also expect servers to do their best and when things don’t go well for us, we are comfortable letting them know in a courteous manner.

Oh and beware, Chef Gordon tends to use lots of choice wording when giving his chefs-in-training feedback. So I’d recommend watching this one when the little munchkins are down for the night. Also, there tends to be a good amount of drama between the chefs but at times, I can’t tell if it is the producers playing up the drama to keep people interested, of if people are really that catty in real life. I like to believe that it is the former.

So, check out Hell’s Kitchen! The next season is going to air on Fox in June and the former 9 seasons are all on hulu. For some our of favorite moments of Hell’s Kitchen, mash here, here and here.


About Michelle

Michelle and Kyle have lived in Kansas City since 2007, with their four beautiful children. Kyle is a CPA and runs his own firm in Lee's Summit. Michelle is a violinist and music teacher at Summit Christian Academy. When not working, the Nagys can be found eating out or binge watching Netflix.

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