Blanc Burger and Bottles

Blanc has been one of our favorite places to go since we had our first bite. Truly gourmet dining for a reasonable price, this is the place we take the out-of-town guests to make them think that Kansas City is swanky and all up on the times. It works. Right, Aunt Fae?

The Skinny

Taste: 10

Presentation: 8.5

Originality: 10

Service: 8

Appearance: 7

Value: 7.5

Restrooms: 7

The Breakdown

Taste: Everything on this menu is stunning and always exceeds expectations. We heartily recommend starting with the shatto cheese curds, eating the inside-out burger for the entree, and polishing it off with a chocolate shake . It is to die for!

Presentation: This hasn’t always been as consistant and it is a shame since the food is so amazing.

Originality: They make their own ketchup and pickles, and goodness knows what else. It doesn’t get any more original than blanc.

Service: For the most part, we have had excellent servers who are enthusiastic about your burger experience.  Sometimes we have had servers who prefer the more “stand-off” approach and since we often dine out with our little kiddos, we need a little more assistance than most.

Appearance: When the restaurant is filled to the brim, it can be get pretty loud and the waiting area is way too small. They have a minimalist feel but sometimes it can feel a little too bare.

Value: It runs a little pricey and it is easy to drop $40-60 without even flinching. Burgers are around $10 and fries are an extra $5 or so. Add a drink, tax and tip and you’re at $20 a person.

Restrooms: Nothing special here, but always clean.

Be sure to hit up some Blanc the next time you’re looking for a burger.  And let us know what you think!
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