Sometimes, ya just gotta have a really.good.salad.  Ingredient not only knows how to toss an amazing fresh salad, but they also whip up awesome pizza, soups and burgers.  If you’re craving it, they probably have it- and holy customizations!  Let’s look a little bit closer:

Tossin’ it Up

Taste: 9

Presentation: 6

Originality: 6

Service: 7

Appearance: 5

Value: 5

Restrooms: 7

The Heart of the Matter

Taste: They keep it simple and it works.  With fresh flavors and classic seasonings, they want to give you the best salad (or burger, pizza or sandwhich ) of your life.  Even when Kyle and I try to create homemade salads, we just can’t do it as well as these guys.  Their commitment to quality shines through their food and keeps us coming back for more.

Presentation: Nothing too special here.  They serve their food on white plates and keep everything very basic.

Originality: Just your typical American Cafe- but done really well.

Service: For being a fast-casual spot, the staff is courteous and helpful.  Occasionally, I would have preferred for the wait staff to be a little more attentive.

Appearance: There are several locations throughout the Greater Kansas City area but the one that we go to is in Park Place, Leawood.  They have the most fabulous outdoor dining area with a large grassy quad that the kids love running around on while we chomp-chomp away.  In the winter, it transforms into an ice skating rink.  Can it get any cuter than that?

Value: The average entree is about $10 but they all come with a small side so unless you get a drink, you won’t need to spend any more than those 10 bucks.  It’s a little high for “just a cafe” but the portions have been plenty for us.

Restrooms: Just OK.

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