First Watch

With a great variety, friendly staff, and a kid-friendly environment, First Watch is our go-to place when our out-of-town relatives are looking for a good morning bite.

Wakey Wakey

Taste: 8

Presentation: 4

Originality: 5

Service: 9

Appearance: 7

Value: 9

Restrooms: 5

Eggs and Bakey

Taste:  They are consistent and the food is always served hot.  I get something different every time I go there and I always love it. Kyle gets the same thing every time: Bubba’s Benny.  It’s is a heart-attack on a plate but he digs it!  They also have great selections for kids and the boys are always content.  First Watch also has a great selection of healthy options which I love because the typical breakfast place usually has two options: unhealthy and unhealthier.  The coffee is pretty good, too!

Presentation: They are a little sloppy with presentation with what feels like a plate for every muffin and piece of fruit I order.  The table gets crowded in a hurry but thankfully the servers are attentive and keep everything under control.

Originality: Breakfast places are a dime a dozen but I do appreciate all of their healthy choices.

Service: They are so great with kids and even though there is always a wait, the service makes up for it.  Both my in-laws and parents love First Watch and I know for a fact that it is because of the friendly wait-staff.

Appearance: Warm lighting and cheerful colors.  Always neat and even the high chairs are pretty tidy.  Those things can get gross in a hurry, yikes.

Value: Very reasonable and you get a TON of food.  The only thing that is a little off is the fact that you can either get a cup of juice in a small glass or a giant one.  They really need a medium size or to just make the large a smaller size.

Restrooms: Just ok.

So the next time you have out-of-town relatives visiting, let them check out First Watch and taking the kids along is no sweat!

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