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The Italians take their food very personally- I know, I married one. Kyle grew up eating bread from the local Italian bakery and fresh pasta, made by his grandmother. So when we finally found an Italian place where Kyle says “they got the food right,” I knew that I had to listen. And you should, too.

When the Moon hits your eye…

Taste: 10

Presentation: 8

Originality: 5

Service: 7

Appearance: 9

Value: 7

Restrooms: 6

That’s amore!

Taste: The sauces were flavorful and felt like they were made on the spot. The pastas were cooked perfectly and all of the food was so light and flavorful.

Presentation: From the bread to our sorbet, every thing was simple and lovely. A delight for the eyes and the taste buds.

Originality: There isn’t anything really original about a “rustic high-quality Italian restaurant.” But we still like ’em.

Service: Being first-timers, we really appreciated the helpful input of the waiter and he also had great follow-through. He was present but not over bearing. He was funny but didn’t linger. Nice fellow!

Appearance: Lidia’s pays close attention to detail without going overboard. Everything was charming and quaint from the soft candlelight to the rugged brick walls.

Value: Remember, this is fine dining. Entrees run at about $25 each and add another $20 if you want to get a salad and antipasto.

Restrooms: These were actually quite disappointing. I was (very) pregnant when Kyle and checked out Lidia’s and had to use the restroom several times. It was messy and poorly stocked. What a shame.

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