Waldo Pizza- with pictures!

This bursting at the seams hot-spot in Waldo is the place to be on a Friday night for pizza. Everybody had a great time and left with big smiles and full tummies. I gotta admit though, we were skeptical. How good can pizza be? We were delighted to find that Waldo Pizza not only met but exceeded our expectations for that famous Italian pie.

Pass the cheese, please.

Taste: 8

Presentation: 7

Originality: 5

Service: 3

Appearance: 6

Value: 7

Restrooms: 4

Nom Nom Nom.

Taste: Our food was well worth the wait. We tried the thin and the hand-tossed crusts and loved them both. When the server saw that we were having a hard time choosing just the right toppings for our thin crust, she said that they can split the toppings in half and even thirds! This was great because I love green peppers but Kyle can’t stand them. Splitting the toppings worked out so well for us.

Presentation: They put their pizzas on those cool stand-things and it helped keep the table from getting too crowded. It was also great to have the pizza up a little bit to prevent certain small people from burning their hands on the hot pan.

Originality: Just a pizza joint here.

Service: Unfortunately, the service wasn’t that great. Shortly into our meal, the waitress all but sat down with the booth in front of us and had an extensive, friendly conversation with them. By the time she was finished, we needed water refills and kind of wanted to just get the tab and jet out of there. Bummer, Waldo!

Appearance: Waldo Pizza has a cozy “lived-in” feel with well-loved pictionary cards on the tables and worn-out carpets in the lobby. They love their restaurant, though, so even though it’s not the newest place on the block, they take good care of it. The only thing that was a little difficult was navigating the extraordinarily small waiting area. We only had to wait about 20 minutes but we were oh-so-very crammed and with small babies, this isn’t an ideal situation.

Value: Good value for a pizza place. 14″ pies are about $15 each, salads are about $5 and an order of cheesy garlic bread is only $3. Hungry yet?

Restrooms: Poor Kyle had to schlep Phin to the restroom about four times and he wasn’t too impressed.

Pictured below are my hungry (but very cute) children, my texting husband and our food: Waldo Choice Cut Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza (with some green peppers) and Garlic Cheese Bread.

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